BeQuick Announces QuickTel for Wireless Lifeline

BeQuick Software, Inc. announced this month the launch of “QuickTel for Wireless Lifeline”. BeQuick Software, a leader in the prepaid billing industry with its flagship OSS/BSS product, QuickTel, has offered integrated provisioning and billing for cellular services for many years now. But, with the recent shift in the prepaid home phone sector due to ILEC promotion changes, it has led to an increased demand for subsidized cellular services for the BeQuick customer base.

“This product is a natural progression of the core competencies of BeQuick”, says Steve McIntosh, Chief Operations Officer. “BeQuick hosts more Lifeline CLEC providers than any other billing company and provisioning integration is already in place with numerous prepaid cellular companies. This offering is merely an extension of what we already do best.”

For the CLEC’s and service providers offering subsidized cellular services, one of the biggest and most crucial challenges is maintaining compliancy with the governing body, USAC. This entity is responsible for disbursing the government subsidy reimbursements to BeQuick’s customers. Maintaining proper accounting of transactions and storing of all documents is required for BeQuick’s customers in the event of a USAC audit. QuickTel provides all the necessary tools needed to be audit-ready.

Provisioning integration with the cellular carriers also allows BeQuick’s customers to streamline and automate the activation and deactivation process for this volatile customer base. Keeping a close eye on costs is the only way to stay competitive in this low margin industry. QuickTel’s integration to over 5 prepaid cellular providers automates the entire process for “zero touch” cellular provisioning. For more information contact

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