Employee habits leading to increased wireless bills

New research has shown that employees are driving up companies' wireless bills.

A mobility solutions vendor recently conducted a survey of more than 450 companies to gauge certain business habits regarding thousands of mobile users. As it turns out, many organizations are facing serious spending issues regarding their wireless billing.

According to the vendor, the study analyzed more than 550,000 devices from the companies, which ranged from only 35 employees to almost 35,000. The average business spends nearly $852,000 per year for their wireless bills. Each staff member costs their organizations approximately $1,235 annually and some of this is for unauthorized downloads and misuse of text, data and services, among others.

Researchers, who referred to this activity as "bad spend," noted that this practice "is very common across businesses and results from the lack of resources with which to manage mobility, a lack of institutionalized wireless policies and the inherent difficulty of interpreting enterprise-level carrier bills."

Since wireless is such an integral part of businesses nowadays, spending carelessly can significantly harm an organizations' bottom line. Companies looking to improve their operations, ensure their billing is on track and within budget and ensure customer retention rates remain high should look to wireless billing software from BeQuick. 

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