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5 more tips for succeeding in a challenging MVNO environment – Part II

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Feb 25, 2015 8:25:00 AM

In our last post, we provided five tips to help mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) – especially new ones – succeed in a challenging and competitive mobile market. In this post, we have five more tips to help not just start-up MVNOs, but established ones as well:

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5 tips for succeeding in a challenging MVNO environment – Part I

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Feb 18, 2015 8:43:00 AM

Competition can be tough out there. Most industry experts will put keeping cost and debt low at the top of the list for success. To do that, it’s important to keep your infrastructure lean and mean, streamline your entire mobile delivery environment from back end to device, and work closely with experienced mobile network operator (MNO) and mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) partners who can help you deliver real value, savings, and a quality experience to your subscribers.

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Posted by D'Ana Guiloff on Feb 14, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Love is in the air today. Are you IN love with your MVNE? You should be.
Check out just a few reasons why we would be a great match for you:

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The MVNE/MVNO Relationship

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Feb 13, 2015 8:46:00 AM

With Valentine’s Day on many people’s minds, this might be a good time to continue talking about relationships, which I started in my previous post, only this time it’s the relationship between an MVNO and an MVNE (that’s us). After all, behind most successful MVNOs stands an MVNE lending a helping hand.

What makes this kind of relationship so valuable is the ability of an MVNE, or mobile virtual network enabler, to take away many of the pains associated with back office and front-end operational activities through a comprehensive, turn-key BSS/OSS platform built specifically for mobile. This is especially valuable for a postpaid MVNO/MVNE relationship because of the BSS/OSS complexity involved deploying a postpaid customer management platform that can include managing provisioning, mediation, rating, customer care, billing, and other back-office services. A prepaid platform, of course, has its own challenges as well, including the need to actively track customer usage in real time to avoid service disruption and an unfavorable customer experience.

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MNOs and MVNOs: A view from the customer’s perspective

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Feb 11, 2015 8:47:00 AM

It’s February and love is in the air, but for MVNOs that don’t pay close attention to their customers, there may be some love lost. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you, as the network provider, always view your relationship through the eyes of your subscribers. Nothing will make a subscriber relationship fail faster than neglect or indifference on the part of the MVNO.

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Global Report: MVNO market expecting robust growth

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Feb 4, 2015 8:45:00 AM

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are expected to grow strongly worldwide over the next three years as regulators embrace a more competitive market and the mobile industry turns to new areas for revenue growth, such as enterprise applications and machine-to-machine (M2M) networking.

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The Changing Role of MVNOs

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jan 28, 2015 8:20:00 AM

As the mobile network industry expands and evolves, new markets for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are emerging, transforming the industry from essentially consumer-centric to one offering a variety of services to a wider range of business-to-business (B2B) and even industrial markets.

What’s driving this evolution, in large part, is the tightening competition for traditional consumer voice and data service and growing wireless business communications applications. In a market that is already challenged by slim margins and fueled by the consumer demand for value packages and cheaper rates, there’s little headroom for increased profitability. The most attractive option, then, is to head for greener pastures and that means niche markets and specialty services. Here’s a look at where we can expect growth and diversification in the future:

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MVNO success: How to survive the hype and find profitability

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jan 21, 2015 8:35:00 AM

There’s been a lot of hype in the marketplace about what MVNOs can deliver, but competition is fierce and it can be tough to make profit.

Here are some lessons to be learned on what you need to do to win:

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The right BSS/OSS -enabling MVNOs to offer personalized service in 2015

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jan 14, 2015 8:40:00 AM

It’s always fun at the beginning of the year to reflect upon anticipated changes in the coming year. For the mobile industry perhaps none is more anticipated than the ability of MVNOs to offer their subscribers more personalized, “lifestyle-centric” service than ever before.

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Big changes predicted for BSS/OSS in 2015

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jan 7, 2015 8:49:00 AM


While the mobile industry is never one to gather dust, it looks like 2015 is shaping up to be a year of even greater change and evolution. OSS processes will speed up, platforms get leaner and more agile, and cloud-based platforms more popular with MVNOs. Let’s take a look at what’s coming down the road.

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