Multiply Your Salesforce

Fusion Equips Agents With Our Patented Sales Technology

Fusion Agent Management and Commission System

Go Viral with Multi-level Agents

Go Viral with Multi-level Agents

With infinite levels of parent/child agents supported by the Fusion Agent Management system, your sales structure can literally "go viral".  Add as many levels of master/sub agents as needed and the commissions are all calculated automatically by Fusion. Increasing sales and managing commissions is all within a few clicks.

Pay for Performance

With the highly flexible, highly customizable commission system in Fusion, you can create the incentive plans that work for you and your agents.  Fusion will track every sale automatically and log them to the Agent's unique Agent ID. Managing Agent commissions becomes as easy as writing checks each month!

Let Agents Manage Themselves

Fusion's branded Agent Portal allows your agents and sales reps to be fully self sufficient with access to commission information, customer information and orders, plus much more.