Thinkproof Your Fulfillment Process

Fusion Automates Inventory, Fulfillment & Activation for Every Sign Up

Fusion Telecom inventory tracking and fulfillment

Click. Ship. Done.

Click. Ship. Done.

Simplify your fulfillment process with the Fusion Shipping label feature.  Within the Shipping Queue, a user can click to print the label and the system captures a tracking number from your shipping carrier of choice, prints the label, and then automatically logs the tracking number to the order.

Blazing Fast Bulk Activations

Spend more time activating and less time waiting with Fusion's blazing fast bulk activations.  Scan phones as fast as you can and the system adds them to inventory and performs activations in the background.  The results of the activations are logged on screen for the user with pass/fail notifications via a friendly interface. Your employees can simply scan devices and go back later to deal with exceptions.

Thinkproof Fulfillment

With Fusion’s thinkproof fulfillment process, the system automatically finds a phone and assigns it to the next order.  When orders are received in fulfillment, your pickers can simply grab a box, scan a phone and Fusion will assign it to the next order.