Wireless Billing & Payment You Can Bet On

Fusion Makes Wireless Billing & Payment Your Competitive Advantage

Fusion Automated Wireless Billing for Consumer Driven Providers

Save a Few Trees

Save a Few Trees

Fusion includes free EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) for establishing or maintaining a paperless organization.  In addition to cost savings from eliminating printing and postage, you can offset costs for your valuable CSR resources and automatically send various notices for items like reminders to pay, winbacks, disconnects, late payments, suspends, promotions, top ups, etc.  The Correspondence system in Fusion helps our clients stay in touch with their subscribers via Email, SMS Text, and Outbound IVR while at the same time, reducing overhead and making a difference for the environment.

Billing Flexibility in One Solution

Fusion supports Pay-As-You-Go and Postpaid billing delivered from one common solution with flexible configuration tools for on-the-fly business decisions.  Fusion's flexible product/service catalog enables you to create, test, trial, manage, and retire service offerings at the speed your market demands.

Consolidated Statements

Bill for anything and everything on one consolidated statement.

Full Commerce Back End

Fusion delivers a full commerce back-end to power online and brick-and-mortar storefronts, channels, and points-of-sale.

Daily Bill Inspections

Fusion includes automated, internal, daily billing audits called Billing Verification tasks.  This task inspects every bill behind the scenes and checks for common issues like misrated phone calls, missing taxes, and incorrect invoice totals.