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Telecom Service Bureau

Telecom Service Bureau

Contact: Joseph Fernandez

1702 NE 42nd Avenue Suite 301-302 Ocala, FL  34470

Phone: 352-433-2116

Fax: 352-433-2161



Telecom Service Bureau is a mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA) with the ability to offer a full suite of turn-key, support solutions to wireless service providers, allowing them to become an MVNO in the shortest time period, at the lowest possible cost. We specialize in low-income market support; provide industry-leading pricing and profit models for wholesale minutes; OSS support; handset procurement; advertising and distribution. To lower your overall operational cost, we bundle your back office network components and quickly provide order-to-cash solutions.

Our simply priced, wholesale solution offers the most competitive prices in the market. Clients receive minutes, provisioning platform access, debit platform functionality with 15-minute delay, monthly network invoice with summary and detail-level support.

TSB's strategic advantage is the quality and depth of its operations infrastructure. We activate 50,000 new users per month and have seven years experience in building processes, teams and programs to support our client's growth. Our 30,000 square foot facility is company-owned, company managed and driven by our Command Center software which delivers real-time, web-based statistical, financial and operational reporting to our clients.

Whether calls are generated by direct mail, TV or radio campaigns or our live event & roving teams, our call center professionals are equipped with the most up to date telephone network, web-enable workstations with backup systems to provide real-time statistical, financial and operational reporting. Service charge is on a per-sales-order-created basis which typically occurs before Lifeline certification form is created.

  • Average sales call takes 7-10 minutes to create a sale. We will not charge clients for calls that do not turn into pending sales.
  • Client can expect 50% of all orders to be certified and complete.
  • Example: of 1,000 sales orders, 500 will return a Lifeline form by fax, mail or e-signature
Post card, direct mail, TV & radio campaigns must be approved by TSB prior to campaign launch.

Call Center Support

  • We would provide phone lines to answer calls from your customer at our CallCenter
  • Provide all telephone line maintenance
  • Provide IVR platform for information to your customers about your company and direct calls to appropriate representatives to answer specific questions or sign on your customer with new service
  • Provide thoroughly trained Customer Service Representatives
  • Create a script specifically for your company and services